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Leaked Technical Details Suggest e-AWD Option for 2016 Toyota Prius

It’s not been officially announced, but a source shows that higher-level 2016 Prius models will be available with an electric all-wheel drive. Learn more here:

Ask a Technician: What Happens to Car Engines as They Age?

The easy answer to what happens to car engines as they age is that they wear out. The much more complicated answer is exactly what begins to wear in an engine and when it does. Here's more information from Gray-Daniels Toyota.

Tips to Avoid Misplacing Your Car Keys

Fewer things can be more irritating than misplacing your car keys. For starters, this only ever seems to happen when you're in a hurry, making you even later...

Test Your Knowledge of Movie Trivia: Big '80s

Some of our fondest memories about the '80s are of the movies we used to love. You probably know your favorites, but some trivia about '80s movies may surprise you.

Loyal Drivers Devoted to Toyota

Thanks to, Toyota drivers can now brag that they are some of the most loyal vehicle owners.

Toyota Creates Tiny Robot to Keep You Company on the Road

The Kirobo Mini is here! A miniature robot, Toyota's Kirobo is so small that it will comfortably fit in your vehicle's cup holder. Learn more about it here.

Tackle the Thanksgiving Turkey with Style

Are you in charge of the Thanksgiving turkey this year? Whether you’re a beginner to basting...

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